The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused widespread disruption and uncertainty. If you're experiencing stress, fear or changes in your routine due to COVID-19, you're not alone. The resources and services detailed in the tabs below are available to you and your family to help you adjust and cope. 

New resources are added regularly, so check back as new content is added.


Social distancing and states' stay-at-home orders have limited the ability to interact with others and spend time with coworkers, friends and loved ones. If you're feeling lonely, you're not alone. Here are some resources to help with positivity and connection while social distancing:

- Talk to a counselor: HII employees and their families have access to virtual counseling through HERO and Teladoc Behavioral Health.

  • HERO: Call 1-855-400-9185 anytime or visit (code "Huntington Ingalls") to find a counselor.
  • Teladoc Behavioral Health: Visit to match with a counselor based on your needs and preferences. The $10 employee-paid Teladoc fee has been temporarily suspended for the remainder of 2020.

- Keep entertained: Attractions, museums and zoos worldwide are offering virtual tours. Plus, check out opportunities to watch Broadway plays online, get free audio books and more. 

- Look for local opportunities: Check your local city and library websites for virtual activities and events.

While working from home can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, it does require a change in routine and technology use. This shift can be hard, from establishing a new work schedule to staying engaged with your coworkers. Here are some resources to make working from home productive and rewarding:

- Establish good habits: It's never too late to establish a good work from home routine.

- Be smart with cyber: Ensure you're following HII's protocols for using technology remotely.

- Create balance: When you work from home you might face a juggling act of work and home projects. Plus, you need dedicated time for family and relaxation. Talk to a HERO counselor at no cost about managing priorities and establishing balance.

Nationwide individuals are experiencing stress associated with the pandemic due to safety concerns, everyday disruption and more. It's okay to feel stressed and anxious and it's okay to want to talk to someone about your feelings. HERO offers 100% free and confidential counseling for all HII employees and their dependents and household members. HERO counselors can provide advice and insight if you're stressed about:

  • Your family's health and safety
  • Disrupted routines and daily living
  • Family bickering and stress from being at home
  • Local and national news coverage and content on social media
  • Uncertainty about the future

To speak to a HERO counselor, call 1-855-400-9185 anytime or visit (code "Huntington Ingalls"). You can also use HERO's MyStrength app for free mindfulness exercises or try these stress-relief tips on your own. (To access MyStrength, first log into and click the MyStrength link on right-hand side of the homepage. You'll be prompted to create an account and download the app.)

Employees and dependents enrolled in an HII Anthem medical plan also have access to telephonic counseling and stress management:

  • Talk to a Teladoc psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor by visiting The $10 employee-paid Teladoc fee has been suspended through the end of 2020.
  • Talk to a wellness coach through BeWell for Life at no cost for stress management.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also offers resources regarding stress and coping.

From school disruption to not seeing friends, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption for children of all ages. Below are resources to help you talk to your children about the pandemic and keep children active:

- Talk to your children about the pandemic: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers suggestions on how to talk to children about COVID-19, including a downloadable coloring book to guide the conversation.

- Have fun with your family: Check out these activities to keep your children active and engaged.

- Prep for the holidays: Rethink's experts offer guidance for parents raising children with learning, social and/or behavioral challenges.


The pandemic has caused financial uncertainty and significant market volatility. Below are resources available to help with day-to-day and long-term financial concerns:

- Visit SmartPath's COVID-19 Help Center: Available to all HII employees and their families, the help center serves as a central hub for COVID-19-related financial information and offers webinars, assessments and more.

- Speak to an advisor about your 401(k): Resources are available based on your HII retirement plan.

  • If you participate in the Huntington Ingalls Savings Plan (HISP) or the Financial Security and Savings Program (FSSP), you have access to a new financial news section on UPoint. To access it, log into UPoint, click the Savings and Retirement tab, then access the Financial News section on the Financial Education page. Employees can also speak to an Alight financial advisor from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time at 1-877-216-3222.
  • If you participate in the 401(k) plan through Wells Fargo for Newport News represented employees, you can access an online market volatility resource center. Advisors are also available by phone at 800-601-5957 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Making healthy choices can be difficult when facing COVID-19 stress and disruption. If you're tempted to skip at-home exercise and eat comfort food, you're not alone. But here are resources to help you maintain your physical and mental wellness during the pandemic:

- Stick to a routine: Establishing a daily routine with regular meal times, exercise and relaxation can help reduce stress. HERO counselors can help you develop a realistic daily routine.

- Get inspiration for healthy meals: Miss eating out at restaurants? Make restaurant-quality meals at home. BeWell for Life's Wellness Online portal offers recipes, plus you can schedule a no-cost virtual appointment with a wellness coach about nutrition and healthy eating.

- Be active at home: You can exercise and get moving with simple activities around the house.

  • Ideas to be active at home
  • Want help establishing a workout routine? Schedule a free call with a BeWell for Life wellness coach or visit the Wellness Online portal to sign up for a no-cost Zoom fitness class.

- Practice mindfulness: Check out HERO's tips for mindfulness and meditation and download the free MyStrength app for exercises, articles and more. BeWell for Life also features mindfulness videos that guide you through quick breathing and relaxation exercises.

Note: All Newport News Shipbuilding employees, HII corporate employees, Technical Solutions employees and non-represented Ingalls Shipbuilding employees are eligible for BeWell for Life. Represented Ingalls employees enrolled in an HII medical plan are also eligible.



Children and young adults are back in the classroom, either in person or virtually. For many parents and caregivers, evolving back-to-school plans can bring on a lot of added anxiety. HII offers free resources to help families transition.

- Download HERO's back-to-school resource guide for parents: Review the Resuming School During COVID-19 guide for insight on:

  • How schools are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Child care options
  • Making the most of remote learning
  • Considerations for children with special needs

- Get support for virtual or in-classroom schooling: Check out HII's benefits to help your child adjust to the new school year.

  • HERO counselors and resources can help parents set a school routine, manage stress—for students and parents alike—and provide strategies for setting and meeting expectations.
  • Rethink offers employees an extensive online library of worksheets, printouts and more on topics like math, reading, phonics and science. Plus, Rethink's behavior experts are available through free teleconsultations to aid parents of children with learning and behavioral challenges or developmental disabilities. (Note: Rethink is available to non-represented Ingalls, Newport News and HII corporate employees.)

- Download tips sheets from Rethink to help your family as school districts determine virtual and in-classroom education plans:

- Tackle back-to-school stress: Whether facing in-person or online classes, your child may experience anxiety with the coming school year. Use the resources below to minimize stress and be prepared:

Coping With COVID-19 School Stress

Read how one employee connected his son with virtual HERO counseling when he struggled with COVID-19 school disruptions. 

"I definitely feel like he deals with change better now that he has counseling." - Josh Koziel, Newport News Shipbuilding